We exist to support individuals, families or community by funding medical expenses or offering financial aid to deserving Ghanaians in a distressed situation.

The Vivafund is a Ghanaian owned Non Profit Organization operating as an emergency shelter for survivors of varying illness or accidents and seeks to undergo a medical treatment but lacks the  funding.


How we use your Donations

Your generosity pays for our Safety Net Fund, which ensures that the most vulnerable patients, girls and boys in rural communities have what they need for primary school and basic health needs. It provides bursaries so that children with special disease – who often miss out classes get a good treatment. And it provides resources like text books and computers for schools, as well as distributing basic COVID 19 logistics such as Nose mask, Hand Sanitisers as well as conducting frequent medical checkups to those suffering special illness.
What We Do

Create A Better Future

Back to School Support

Your Donations help support deprived children in rural communities who need help to acquire basic needs such as school uniforms, exercise books, textbooks and manymore.

Emergency Medical Support

Support for Emergency Surgical Patients as well as phone call health consultancy to deserving patients in need.

Healthy Living

Healthy people makes up a healthy community, we seek to build a healthier community by initiating programs that promotes physical fitness and healthy living.

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We are accountable
We are accountable first and foremost to our clients – vulnerable boys and girls as well as victims of situations. All our systems and processes put this principle into action in order to secure and reinforce underprivileged rights and entitlements, and it underpins our partnerships at every level.
Our financial systems maintain the highest levels of transparency and accountability. Communities, as our ‘shareholders,’ make decisions on resource allocation with representatives from all stakeholder groups, and directly ensure that all clients receive their entitlements.
Measure our Impact
We rigorously assess our impact, measuring our success by tangible improvements to the lives of young people. We lead in putting mobile data gathering technology into the hands of frontline activists. We then share this data with communities, empowering them to take swift and targeted action.